Tuesday, August 31, 2010

public outbusts

Public places are a nightmare for my little man!
To say that would be to make the biggest understatement of the year.

I can't imagine what must be going on in his mind and body as we enter into public places.
The stimulation from the lights, sounds and large areas, are hard enough on a 'normal' person. But what is going on for him?

That is something that I can't answer, nor can he with his limited communication skills. However, that don't stop him from have a huge melt down in public places that a. we go to everyday or a few times a week or b. avoid at all cost.

We can get ready to leave the house and take the kids out for dinner. Now, let me tell you my son LOVES to eat, he is the happiest when he has food in his hands. We have a few places that we go because that is what the kids love and it is cheap enough!

He and I don't attend church because he can't handle the noise or the silence and I can't handle people touching me or saying something about my son's outburst!

His fits in public are much worst when there are people looking at him. I have learned what can and can't be done to calm him. But when people are looking and making comments, that is the moment I can't handle.

Maybe one day we can take him anywhere and not have to worry about how he is going to act or what others are going to say and how I am going to react. Because lets face it when you say something about my son I become defensive and there are defiantly times that I don't react the way that I should.

But he is my son and I will stand up for him at all cost!

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