Monday, January 3, 2011

Neurologist and FX's affect

For some reason I have to choose to take my son to doctors that are almost 100 miles away. When there are the same type of doctors closer by..

Wait I know why I put my son and I though that torture... because the doctors that are further away know what FX is.

So Lil Man, my youngest daughter and I made the long trip up to UofL Pediatric Neurologist, and I learned some intreating things and the doctor made me feel a little better!

Lil Man has had one major seizure and some small ones.. that we know of. Well, I asked the Dr.. if there was a possibility of brain damage from his seizures because he is having some trouble with learning certain things.

His therapist is working with picture cards to improve his speech and identification skills. He can master pictures of chicken nuggets, cows, cats and dogs, just to name a few. He can do most of them with just being showed the picture and asked "what is this' he may need a prompting or two, however there are very few problems with it.

However, we are also working on X, A, 1, and 2 and this is where the trouble starts for him. He is having trouble remembering what they are and even after being prompted 3-4 times and being told what the cards are he still hasn't mastered them. We have worked on just those four for about 6 months now.

After explaining why I wondered if there was brain damage preventing him from learning different things, he explain that he didn't think so. He said he felt as though it was just the affects of the Fragile X on his ability to learn certain things.

While this is not the greatest news to hear, it does make me feel a little better to a. know that there is not brain damage (none found anyway) and b. that maybe he will learn it all on his own time. Just like his ability to speak.

The long drives make it all worth the trip to have a doctor who knows what FX is and I don't have to explain it first!

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