Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How do we know??? How do I know??

How do we know.....

If we are doing the right thing in life?? I ask this today because I am in a I don't want to be in college mood and as I look at the classes I have right now and who I have become since just last year even, I am forced to wonder....

Am I doing the right thing?? Not working and just going to college?

Should I do something else??

What if I am wrong about the career??

I am great with people and most who know me know that I am great at listening, not judging, and I love to help!

However, I have a great love for all things music and managing bands has been a great thing and I have the attitude for that and so much more that is needed!

I really don't know what I supposed to do... really life is rough right now and I want to do something that is going to make me happy and give my kids a great life but what if I choose wrong.... how do we know?? How do I know???

Is there a map in the sky? A hidden book that we all should read about ourselves but is hidden in a far off land?? How do we know?? How do I know???

I can't figure out what to do... I love psychology and helping people is something that I love to do and I love to understand the human mind and the reasons why we act the way we do. However, music is my life and I find all things that go with it is great or challenging... I love it!! But how do we know what to do?? How do I know what to do???

I love psychology and music, what should I do???

How do we know??? How do I know??

Last semester I decided to change my major from psychology to an entrepreneur degree. Now I know that I can use my BA in business to walk in a get a job in music or what ever else that I want to do. But is this the right thing to do... or is it just that I am wore out all the time from the same daily shuffle of class, kids, house stuff, husband.... and repeat and repeat. Is this what I am destine for? To repeat this endless shuffle? Or is this just what I have to do for now to get to the smoother parts of life. How do we know??? How do I know??

How do we know??? How do I know??

We all hit times like this, or so I hope... maybe others are out there that feel the same way and just don't know what to do or really have anyone to talk to this kinds of things and more. How do we know?? How do I know?? If others are there with me in the same place?

How do we know??? How do I know??

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