Monday, February 15, 2010

The little words...

As my kids and I sit down for yet another day stuck at home from the snow. I look at my kids and wonder how did I ever become so lucky to have three wonderful kids?
My wonderful son makes me go though every emotion though-out one day without even trying, yet I will love him forever unconditionally.

No matter how stressed out I become with the fact that he picks up words and just spits them out and I am not sure if he even knows what they mean or if he just copies what the girls say. First the word 'yep' showed up and that was all he would say, it didn't matter if it was: "Did you pee in your pull up?" to "Are you going to stop crying?" Then he would start crying all over again. So in a way I just began to see that no matter what I would ask him he would respond with a 'yep.' Than he began to stop with the 'yeps' and moved to 'I know,' and when I began to look at all the things that he was saying I wondered even more if he was just coping his sisters. Nicole, my oldest, whenever she would get talked to about something she knew she didn't need to be doing or if she didn't do her homework when she got home, I would talk to her about it and she would respond with, 'I know,' as time began to pass from all of this I seen that my son started to say the same things. So is he really talking or is he just saying things that he hears. I know that you can split hairs and say well he is talking but I am talking about meaningful talking. Words that he really knew what they mean and that he is using them in the right way.

If you sit back and listen to him while no one else is around you will hear all kinds of noises and sounds, but are they meaningful that would be considered 'communication?' In my eyes I feel that he tries when he wants to but only when he wants to and on his time.

Ever since my son was first in therapy we have tried to work with signs and pictures to try and help him to express his needs and that has worked some however, he is never consistent with using them, even though we keep working at them. I have fought to get him a communication device and I am going to he working with his school and therapist to try and get him to either use the device and start talking or just use the device to express his needs.

He has come along way in the past few years since he was first diagnosed with the Fragile X and Autism. We are taking his progress one day at a time, even though he may never talk, be potty trained or do any of the things most kids do, I still have hope and I will always fight for him to be the best no matter how far he can go!

I love my baby boy and my two wonderful daughters!

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