Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A quote...that we put too much into...maybe you judge it...

As I sit here I wonder what we are all working towards. I mean, how can you be sure that all that you are doing is the right thing and that all that is going on is a trail just to make you stronger… we all know the saying and at times I am guilty of using it but how can we really be sure that the saying is true?

"What doesn't kill you will make you stronger."

How can you really know if it is not killing you? Well, let me explain it this way, our bodies wear down as we resist things that are going on in our lives…like we resist that dog that is after us or the cancer that we have had for years and we don't let it take our lives. Because at that point that we stop resisting that cancer (sickness) is the moment that we pass on because we let our bodies give up on all the fighting or we just can't fight anymore.

So when you think that you can't do it anymore, remember that you can as long as you fight you can keep going. Now back to the quote or saying, the longer that we keep fighting our immune system breaks down and we become tired…

So how can we say; "what doesn't kill us makes us stronger," but does it mean that we are fighting to make us stronger inside then we can ever imagine right now but later in life better, a stronger soul and heart to help us gain a love and understanding for all things that make us who we are the very next day?

Or could it be just a crock that we say to help us make it through to the next day that we really are not sure it we want to resist the next set of trials. I have many trials in my life and I just sit here and wonder why the things are going on in my life and the trials are they really to make me stronger, is it just a cruel joke that is played on the whole of people that fight all their life and still fight as long that day goes on and we can't seem to get out of this hole and yet we are not really in a point in our lives to go on.

All the garbage that we find about love is just garbage because we all need to find our own meaning of love and not follow the norm…because I know that my love for Jason is unlike any of that found in a story book because it is so much more and still I can't put it into words…but I am not really sure that I should, because I know that I don't have to justify the love that I have for him because he knows…sometimes more then I do!

Only thing wrong with love, faith, belief and the heart is not having it in your life.

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