Monday, May 2, 2011

Believe What You Want

WARNING: This is an entry that is honest and not for those who don't want to hear how I truly feel!
If you read on and don't like what I have to say.. you can't say I didn't warn you! <3

A common posed question that comes from living in what is known as the 'Bible Belt' is "why don't you attend church?" Some have posed this question and began preaching about God.

Personally I have come to a cross road, where my childhood belief in God has been replaced by more questions that has paused my belief that there is a God and if there is..

How could he allow the things to happen to me as a child, (the MANY types of abuse I endured), or any child for that matter and say that. Then to top it all off... if you ask for forgiveness for what you did to supposably God's children you can still be saved.. REALLY.. I mean REALLY!

The Bible a book written by MAN is what everyone is supposed to follow.. well on my time on earth.. I have learned MEN LIE. Hell, everyone lies.

I could go on for hours at this point and I know that EVERYONE could argue their points and religion with me until we are all blue in the face.

However, changing my mind is not going to happen just like changing your mind will not either. I can see that many want something to believe in and I can understand that.. but I am not sure that I could agree with every point that is made.

My disbelief spans from many things that have happened in my life.. what don't kill us makes us stronger right.. WRONG.. it inevitably changes the way our mentality works and what we think about life from that point on.

I am going to live my life the way I feel and if at the end of the day I am wrong.. then I did it my way and I was happy while I did it.

Who would fault me for that?!?!

SO at the end of the day when you question my soul and how I live my life.. Know that as a child I grew up in the church and was still abused as a child! After I was 'saved' in that church I got even MORE abuse..

Now I question every aspect that you believe in and I can understand if you want to question mine.

I will not push my views on you and I would like it if you didn't push your view on me.

I allow my children to attend church and figure out for themselves how they feel at the end of the day.

But I am happy with the choices I have made for my life and that is the way I want to live this life!

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