Monday, May 2, 2011

But.. Sometimes

A friend of mine posted this:

I'm a little girl or a little boy
Sometimes I run real fast or jump real high,
Sometimes I just watch planes in the sky
Sometimes I must have my favorite toy
Having it close gives my joy.
Sometimes I think the same as you or your friends
Sometimes I say something again and again.
Sometimes I have words inside my head
a scream comes out instead.
Sit with me, play with me, or beside me
I'll watch you and know what to do.
Sometimes I flap my hands!
Do you suck your thumb?
Neither of us is dumb!
I like pizza, french fries, movies and bowling too!
I got a Nana, an Auntie or two.
Sometimes I laugh a lot or spin around.
Sometimes I'll plop right down on the ground.
Instead of saying no I don't want to,
I just stare and look down.
Look into my eyes even if I just stare,
You know what?
I'm in here.

This could have been wrote about my lil man. It makes me feel sad that there are so many times that my son has been looked at like he was not the same as ever other kid..

There are days to look at him and watch him you would think that there was nothing wrong

There are days that he goes and 'plays' football all on his own with other kids that you think.. there is nothing wrong.

However, my lil man

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